Race Against The Machine – Will ML Help Or Harm Security?

Vortrag von David Fuhr, Head of Research bei HiSolutions, bei der M³ (Minds Mastering Machines), London, 16.10.2018

Machine Learning is being applied in many use cases of information technology, with varying, but sometimes mind-blowing success. Like any emerging tech, it can be used for better or worse when it comes to “cyber”.

The talk will examine the relations between ML and security:

  • What security risks lie in the use of ML?
  • Where and how can ML help attackers? Where not? And why (not)?
  • Where and how can ML help defenders? Where not? And why (not)?
  • What attack vectors on ML itself exist? Can these be countered with ML?
  • Only understanding the complex interrelation between different aspects of security and ML will allow us to create and use a technology that is beneficial in the end.

Required audience experience: Basic knowledge of ML is helpful as is an interest in cybersecurity.

Objective of the talk

The audience will:

  • Get a notion of the basic objectives of cybersecurity that are linked to ML
  • Develop a deeper understanding of classes of attack (red) and defense (blue) techniques and the way the can or cannot be enhanced with ML
  • Get an insight into security risks of ML itself

PowerPoint Slides